Colorful Festivals and Fine Terroir are our themes for March

LGBTQ+ travelers, get pumped! March’s world events calendar is all about celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression…from vibrant cultural festivals to stunning natural wonders, March might just be your new favorite month.

One major highlight is the Holi festival of colors (celebrated in India, Nepal, and more). The event brings people of all ages and backgrounds together in an explosion of color and cultural celebration.

For wine lovers, Mendoza, Argentina, is one of the world’s premier regions. This stunning area is home to some of the best new world wineries and vineyards, and offers a rich cultural experience that is ideal for those looking to escape the busy city. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking to sample some of the world’s best, Mendoza is perfect. Plus, Argentina is incredibly progressive and gay-friendly.

Holi Celebration in India

Our top picks for March

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is home to some of the best luxury winery stays and has rich cultural experiences and inclusive views of LGBTQ+ travelers.

Snow Sports

Turks & Caicos

With remote beauty and incredible scenery, this Caribbean paradise is perfect for both adventure seekers and those looking for some R&R.

Snow Sports

Bali, Indonesia

The Spirit Festival celebrates art and yoga in an inclusive environment for participants to make meaningful connections.

Snow Sports

World Events this Month

Holi, Festival
of Colors

India & Nepal

Wine Harvesting

Mendoza, Argentina

Bali Spirit

Bali, Indonesia

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