Oh, the joys of cruising (the kind on a boat, not in a park)…

Yes, ship life can be quite a fabulous alternative to flying, especially when you book an experience that fits your personality. Some travelers always opt for cruising, while others claim to hate them altogether. So, we’re going to highlight the variety the cruise world has to offer to show both sides of the story, and perhaps convince you that cruising can really be for anyone.

With plenty of gay-themed and LGBT-friendly boats worldwide, there is something to fit every personality. So, from smaller luxury river cruises to big ship circuit parties (and everything in between), let’s take a look at the possibilities…

1. Let’s start with the well-known Atlantis.

When most people hear “gay cruise” they often think of Atlantis’ big party ships and events. While their cruises to tend to lean more toward a lively party-style itinerary – and cater mostly to gay men, they’re welcoming of everyone.

Chueca Gay District

They offer larger boats with thousands of passengers to smaller yacht-style vessels for more private luxury trips.

They also visits ports worldwide, with destinations like the Caribbean, Europe, and even Asia all on their roster.

Venturing OUT can get you planned and booked with promotions and discounts on Atlantis cruises. Show me more.

2. Olivia Travel

Olivia caters vacations to lesbian and LGBTQ+ women focusing primarily on cruise packages of all sizes venturing to ports all over the globe.

They’ve been in the business for over 40 years. Options include sea and river cruising, and are often designed for women to travel and have fun together.

Olivia has exciting destinations on their roster including cruise ports in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, South America, and more.

Steak lunch with a view at Siete Fuegos

3. Looking for something more intimate?

There are many gay cruising options that range anywhere from budget to luxury – and in every continent on the globe.

Perhaps you prefer venturing OUT to more remote Caribbean islands with a smaller group.

Or, maybe your style is more of a mid-sized river cruise through France that stops at various vineyards along the route.

And yes, there are gay cruises like this!

Not all boats are floating circuit parties. Get more info on our intimate cruise experiences and vacation packages – you can contact us here.

4. River cruising.

People often think about the ocean when they hear the word “cruise” but Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America all have incredible river cruise options.

River sailings offer up a different experience from their larger sea competitors.

With dozens of small-to-mid sized ships with modern, comfortable amenities, more LGBTQ+ travelers are looking beyond the shore, and just around the river bend.

Out Bound, owned by actor Jonathan Bennett and husband, Jaymes Vaughan, specializes in gay river cruises mostly in Europe.

Barrier reef snorkeling near Caye Caulker

As LGBTQ travelers, we are seeing more and more cruise options available to us today than ever, and that certainly puts the motion in our ocean. And luckily there is something for everyone, whether you prefer the lively, party atmosphere, or a more intimate, relaxed experience.

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And for more info on cruising all over the world, check out our “Set Sail Around the Globe” page.

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