See Northern Lights Dance Across the Sky or Dance Your Tail Off at Rio Carnival

February still offers many experiences for both those hanging onto winter and those trying to escape it. Whether you want to join in the festivities of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or want to catch a glimpse of the northern lights in Norway, February is great for gay travel.

Rio de Janeiro is a cozy 87 degrees (F) in February and with Carnival under way you’re in for a sizzling good time, both in the city and at the beach. Rio’s welcoming atmosphere makes it an LGBTQ+ beach trip favorite.

But don’t forget to consider something a little snowier too. Many travelers actually prefer a glass of wine by a crackling fire with northern lights dancing above them in somewhere like Hamnøy, Norway.

Whatever floats your boat! No really, February has some fabulous cruise options too. So, where to next?

Rio, Brazil

Our top picks for February


Nestled in the coastal fjords are some red “fishing houses” converted into incredible vacation stays. Remote, adventurous, and just what you need.

Snow Sports


Taiwan was the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage. Plus, it’s dripping with history & culture. The Lantern Festival in February is a must-see.

Snow Sports


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is an electrifying festival unlike any other. Every year, millions flock here to experience the biggest party on the planet.

Snow Sports

World Events this Month

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Norway Aurora Borealis (Best time to view)

Hamnøy, Norway

Taiwan Lantern

Various cities, Taiwan

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