No shade, no tea on Puerto Vallarta or Mykonos…But with so many people familiar with these destinations, it’s time to highlight some of the other queer-friendly beach destinations worldwide.

Here are 10 sandy spots to consider before putting in that PTO request.

Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel is a preferred choice among locals and tourists. And the city’s annual LGBTQ events are centered around this beachfront. Tel Aviv is considered one of the best queer destinations in the world with its annual week-long Pride festival and renown inclusivity. The country also has incredibly progressive gay and trans rights. Mix that with country-wide historical sites like the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, and you’ve got yourself a top-5 bucket list destination.

Chueca Gay District

Treasure Island

Florida’s best kept secret might just be St. Petersburg, nestled just a few miles across the bay from Tampa. The downtown St. Petersburg area is a love letter to the LGBTQ community with an ever-growing community of queer-owned businesses and a June pride parade that rivals Miami’s.

Head to the gay poolside at The Wet Spot in the heart of downtown next to Cocktail St. Pete. Also, plan to venture a few minutes outside the city to Treasure Island and tan your cheeks at Sunset Beach (the official local gay beach). Start planning your beach getaway today.

Paradise Island

Nassau, Bahamas is one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean. Whether you cruise in or fly in, be sure to grab a ride across the bridge to Paradise Island, home to A-list celebrity beach homes and the famous Atlantis Bahamas resort. If you want to skip the resort beach prices at Atlantis, you can access the sand via Cabbage Beach. Then, soak up the million-dollar views without the crowds or fees.

Koh Samui

If you don’t know by now that Thailand is a gay Mecca, here’s your wake-up call. the capital of Bangkok packs a powerful punch of spicy food, sizzling nightlife, and historical sites. But when you’re ready to ditch the city and head for the coast, just hop the ferry to Koh Samui for a slice of gay tropical paradise.

Steak lunch with a view at Siete Fuegos

The island is a relaxing oasis away from the intensity of the big city, while still offering plenty of beach parties and bar-hopping activities too.


Tuscany may be known for its vineyards and Medieval towns, however, don’t miss out on the white sand dune beaches at Lecciona. After tasting your way through the wine hills of Val D’orcia, head to this gay-friendly beach region and check out MamaMia Club while you’re there. And if you’re looking for more wine travel inspiration, check out our vineyard trips.

Middle Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a UK-owned Caribbean territory with some incredible opportunities for remote beach time. LGBTQ+ travelers can rest easy with the progressive rights in the Caicos islands too. If you’re heading there by cruise ship, you’ll likely stop at Grand Turk, which is pretty bustling with its number of daily tourists.

But if you fly you can enter via Providenciales instead. From here you have multiple opportunities to explore islands such as Middle Caicos and North Caicos – which offer seclusion and privacy.

If that sounds ideal to you, then you’ve just found your next trip: conch-lined shores, aquamarine lagoons, and private tropical beaches with no one around but the sea turtles. Take me to Caicos.

Rio de Janeiro

I know we’re kind of leaning away from the widely-known “gay hotspots“ in this article, but how can we not mention Rio? The famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches here offer dramatic views of the surrounding mountains and city scape. Rio is also considered a favorite gay vacation and LGBTQ+ events spot. Some of the best advice we can give you if you’re heading to Brazil, however, is to venture out of Rio for part of your trip…Consider adding remarkable destination such as: Iguazu Falls, the Amazon Rainforest, Brasilia, and more.


Yes, Iceland! Not all beaches are tropical. Don’t worry, you’ll still want to pack your swim briefs for the Blue Lagoon. For the beaches though, we’d recommend boots and a North Face jacket.

Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara) frequently makes its rounds on social media with its intense charcoal sands and dramatic rock formations.

Barrier reef snorkeling near Caye Caulker

A visit here and the nearby village of Vik feels like visiting another world. If you haven’t been to this incredibly LGBTQ-friendly country yet, take this as your sign to start planning your trip to Iceland.


This is definitely one of the Caribbean’s sparkling gems, and with so many welcoming, inclusive beach resort stays. The small but growing LGBTQ community is warm and inviting in this Dutch territory. Plus, the water surrounding the beaches in Curacao is crystal clear and vibrantly turquoise. We recommend this destination, especially for travelers looking to escape the masses.

Fort Lauderdale

Miami’s next-door neighbor and vibrant gay destination sometimes gets overlooked.

Don’t be deterred by Florida’s politics, because cities like Tampa, Key West, St. Petersburg, and more offer surprisingly welcoming queer culture and establishments.

Barrier reef snorkeling near Caye Caulker

Ft Lauderdale’s buzzing gayborhood in particular makes bar hopping a breeze for your nightlife rendezvous. And don’t miss the official seaside gay hotspot, Sebastian Street Beach. Bonus: You could also double your pleasure and double your fun by splitting your trip between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Win-win!

Bora Bora

Due to its location and hefty price tag, Bora Bora is often seen as either a high-luxury or milestone destination…Think weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries. But we say treat yourself! If you’ve got the budget (or credit), see first-hand why many people refer to Bora Bora as actual paradise on Earth. The natural, pristine lagoon and over-water bungalows facing the central mountain may quite literally offer the best tropical views around (period).

What are your favorite LGBT-friendly beach destinations?

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